Protecting San Carlos’ Natural Scenic Beauty

San Carlos Pueblo Escenico

The idea for San Carlos Pueblo Escenico began as a means to restore and maintain the character of San Carlos, for the purpose of visual appeal, livability, and to improve our economic health. Urban appeal is very important to our sense of well-being. Many people choose to live in San Carlos do so, not only because of the tremendous natural beauty, but for the charm of living in a small Mexican ocean-side community.

State of Sonora tourism has adopted this initiative and San Carlos has the opportunity to become the first Pueblo Escenico (Scenic Town) in all of Mexico and set the standards for future communities wishing to obtain this designation. Guaymas Mayor, Otto Claussen supports the initiative and a Committee has been formed which consists of State, city and local leaders and residents.

The San Carlos Pueblo Escenico Initiative provides a sustainable foundation so that an urban plan can be established and maintained for the long term growth of San Carlos.

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Protecting San Carlos’ Natural Scenic Beauty

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